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Our Sangha

Welcome to a budding sangha in the Thich Nhat Hanh/Plum Village tradition. 


A sangha is a community practicing together mindful and ethical living, a refuge from pressures of modern life, a safe space where we support each other and learn from each other. Anyone interested in learning how to transform their suffering and creating more peace and joy in their life is welcome, no matter what their age, professional or spiritual background.


At sangha meetings we practice conscious breathing, silent and guided meditation, watching or reading Dharma talks (teaching), walking meditation and sharing. Practicing mindfulness in our daily life is an equally important part of this tradition.


Our sangha is small at the moment but we are also connected to the wider Polish sangha, and are therefore not alone.

The sangha meetings are facilitated by Bart Lubaszka, who joined the Thich Nhat Hanh tradition two years ago after practicing for over two decades in Theravada Buddhism, including being a monk for one year. During the last two years he’s been deepening his practice with attendance at several Plum Village retreats and participating in the Plum Village online World Sangha. He's received the Five Mindfulness Trainings and his Dharma name (Awakened Acceptance of the Heart), and is studying towards being accepted as an aspirant for Order of Interbeing core membership ordination.

Our Sangha: About
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