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"The sangha is a community where there should be harmony and peace and understanding. That is something created by our daily life together. If love is there in the community, if we've been nourished by the harmony in the community, then we will never move away from love.” – Thich Nhat Hanh

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Who we are

 We are a small, inclusive sangha (community) where we meditate, explore the Dharma (teachings) and share about our mindful living. No experience is necessary and our practice, though rooted in Buddhist teachings, is nonsectarian. Mindfulness is an energy that can be cultivated to support anyone, no matter their background or beliefs.  

We meet both online and in-person, where we do sitting meditation together, read a short selection from a book and practice deep listening and speaking from the heart about what we read and our practice.


To become a member, contact the sangha coordinator and you'll receive details about our meetings. There are no fees of any kind. 



In Person

Sunday evenings

  • sitting meditation

  • walking meditation

  • reading or

  • Dharma talk

  • mindful sharing

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  • sitting meditation

Photo courtesy of zenproduction.dk